PHOENIX KESSAKU – The Masterpiece


The Idea of Simplicity in Complexity, ‘Shibui’ in Japanese Aesthetics allows subtle and complex details, textures to existing in a balance of Beauty and Purpose. This balance of Simplicity and Complexity ensures that new meanings emerge and enrich the aesthetic value continuously.

Phoenix Kessaku, meaning a ‘masterpiece’ in Japanese, our exclusive residential offering, is an exemplification of this thought, with an artful setting of diverse elements both formal and functional. Spaces at Phoenix Kessaku are artfully detailed to embody the idea of a Masterpiece in the truest sense and remain Culturally Pertinent. So Luxurious large Spaces flow seamlessly into each other, celebrating the idea of multiple uses, while also creating expansive individualized spaces to retire into. The Phoenix Kessaku precinct offers five exclusive towers, Sora, Niwa, Mizu, Faia and Zefa, inspired by the five natural elements and the bespoke Privilege of Two Clubhouses Midori -The Garden Club and Kaze – The Sky Club.

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Floor Plans Kessaku