Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there.

~ William Penn Adair

As an investor, your #1 focus in real estate is to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

We at Turnip ConsultantsTM can specifically help you achieve that through our proven methodologies, experience and processes, which can guarantee you the best ROI. We are your personal ThinktankTM

One of the biggest challenges you may face as an investor is the lack of time to actually review your property portfolio, research and identify the right properties to invest in and exit your investments at the right time. At the end of the day, you will want to have all the right information in front of you before you make that decision to invest.

The Biggest Challenges you may face as an Investor:


Not enough time to do the right research on properties


Too much noise in the marketplace, as it is disorganised


Unsure about whom to trust and work with long-term


Not enough information on what to do with your real estate


No time to track your portfolio

How we can help you:

Based on the inputs you give us, we’ll have our expert property researchers and relationship managers identify the best property options for you, based on:

  • The reason for your investment (short term or long term)
  • Your risk appetite
  • Location/Project/Builder preference
  • Investment model preference
  • Your existing investment portfolio

We will present to you all this data from a neutral standpoint, as we believe that YOU are the one who will need to make the ultimate decision based on the facts and figures that we provide you.

Once you decide on your investment option (based on our researched recommendations), we’ll immediately deploy our experts to start our fully transparent and quick processing of your ownership.

Once you become the proud owner of your investment, we will continue to hand-hold you for the next one year, through our quarterly progress reporting on your investment, to ensure that you have the best experience working with us with a return on investment.

We at Turnip ConsultantsTM believe in working on a more long-term relationship, rather than just going from one transaction to the next.

We eventually want to continue helping to grow your real estate portfolios over the years to come, using our skills and expertise.

We can also help you with the following:



Sourcing New & Liquidation of your existing investments


Restructuring your property portfolio to ensure maximum ROI - Joint Development, Structured Products, Turn-key Projects & Investor Offerings


Joint Development Support - Feasibility Reporting, Alternate homes, Project Status & Progress Reporting.


Land sourcing


Know Your Investment (KYI)


Investment Advisory Services


Documentation Support


Interior Design Consulting


Wealth Management Consulting

Request a Consultation


Client Centric


Maximum ROI


In a real estate man's eye, the most expensive part of the city is where he has a house to sell.” ~ Will Rogers