Builders & Developers

The best investment on earth is earth.

~ Louis Glickman

As a builder, your ideal situation would be to buy and sell out your entire project at maximum margins and with minimal marketing costs or overheads.

That can only be possible if you are able to identify the right property at the right location, at the right time and at the best price, before anyone else gets their hands on it.

We at Turnip ConsultantsTM can help you identify such exclusive properties which have great potential for development.

By working with us, we can guarantee you that you can overcome all those challenges. We are your one-stop shop for identifying the best properties for your upcoming projects and ensuring the best growth potential.

The advantage of working with Turnip ConsultantsTM is that we have a professional team that have built strong relationships with many landowners across multiple locations.

The Biggest Challenges you may face as a Builder are:


Not having the time to research and find the best properties


Too many options in the market place


Unable to find the exclusive properties in the areas of your choice


Unable to get the best deals on pricing


Unable to find a landowner who is reliable, trustworthy and good to work with


Unable to sell to the right client at the right time

How we can help you:

Based on the inputs you give us about your upcoming project idea, we’ll have our expert property researchers and consultants identify the best lands listed and joint-development partners suitable.

Before we recommend any land or JV-partner, we’ll look at:

  • Location preference
  • Type of proposed project
  • Expected launch price
  • Higher FSI
  • Competitive Joint Development Terms
  • Funding models

Once we shortlist a property we’ll present to you all the data from a neutral standpoint, as we believe that YOU will be the one who will need to make the ultimate decision based on the facts and figures that we provide you.

Once you decide, we’ll immediately deploy our property experts to start our fully-transparent and quick processing of the land ownership or JV Partner documents processing.

We can also help you get connected with potential investors who would be interested in participating in the project, thereby helping you overcome any cash flow challenges during the project development phase.

We at Turnip ConsultantsTM believe in working on a more long-term relationship, rather than just going from one transaction to the next.

We can also help you with the following:



Business development -
Land acquisition and
Joint Development


Import Services








Capital Advisory

Request a Consultation


Client Centric


Maximum ROI


Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait.” ~ Will Rogers